How Can I Transfer iTunes Music To Android Phone or Tablet

You have music files stored on your iTunes and want to transfer to your Android phone? For some reasons, Apple doesn’t let you copy music from iTunes to Android directly. Thus, if you have purchased plenty of songs from iTunes store and want to transfer to your Android phone and tablet, you may need some help.Then Continue Reading ?

How to Backup iPhone Contacts to Your PC

To protect our iPhone data loss, the best way is to backup your iPhone at regular time. Backup of your Apple device is helpful as you can restore all your downloads, contact information, photos, messages, call log and more when you find your data is loss due to many reasons. It is always advisable to make Continue Reading ?

MobileGo for iOS Windows

 MobileGo for iOS is a useful Apple Devices backup tool to easily Transfer iPhone, iPod & iPad to iTunes & Computer and Restore it back.With MobileGo for iOS you can do what iTunes can’t! Effortlessly manage your iDevice with MobileGo for iOS like transfer songs, videos, playlists, iTunes U, Podcasts to & from Your PC/iTunes. Copy Continue Reading ?

How to Convert MP4 into iMovie Quickly and Easily

MP4 is widely used for store our media, and you can find many mp4 format video from YouTube, sometimes, we need to import our MP4 to the iMoive, but it is not allowed to import MP4 into iMovie to edit. iMovie is a great utility to create our home movies or videos, but its natively Continue Reading ?

Guides to Recover Samsung Tablet Deleted Files

Samsung Tablet pc is now very popular, and sometimes it can replace computer as it is very easy to take anywhere, we can use it to do work at any time. But sometimes, it can bring some troublesome to us like deleted wrong files which very important to us. It is known that when deleting Continue Reading ?

How to Recover Samsung Galaxy Deleted or Lost Files

Is it Possible to Rescover my Samsung Galaxy Deleted Photos ? One day, I accidently deleted the full contents of the “Camera” folder on my Samsung Galaxy S2 when i trying to pickup some important photos to share on my facebook. All the photos and video that I had taken in the last 2 months were lost. Continue Reading ?

How to Recover Deleted SMS from iPhone

In our daily life with iPhone, we may have ever deleted a wrong iPhone SMS message which contain important information. So what to do as you really need that. So you ask help to recover deleted messages. But is it impossible to recover lost iPhone sms message? In fact, there’s a way to recover deleted SMS from iPhone. Each time you sync Continue Reading ?

How to Back Up Your Android Phone

Smartphone in nowadays plays an important role in the dailylife not only just contact our family or friends, it seems as significant as PCs and laptops, and are filled with valuable email messages, contacts, videos, photos, and documents. But sometimes these data may lose due to many reasons, and it can be as disastrous as suffering through a hard-drive Continue Reading ?

How to Backup or Export Android SMS to Computer

It is very troublesome if we lost our android phone data like friends’s mobile number, our important photos or files. When your android phone has less space or there are tool many apps on there, then you may need to jailbreak android phones. If you don’t backup our android phone data, you will lost anything Continue Reading ?